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Okay…soooo we broke HHD rule number 1,wich is “NEVER USE SOMEONE ELSES CONTENT”..but,we found this and couldnt have said it any better…..Read it…live by it.-W

So you think you got something dope and you want the world to hear it? How do you get it to the right people? How do you get the blogs to notice you? I’m here to break down social media ethics.  First off, you need to know that 70% of blogs are political, (You gotta know somebody who knows somebody who knows a writer for that blog). The other 30% actually care about the artist and if you’re dope, you got a good chance of being featured. Stop going full force for the major blogs that you think will make you famous because of their cosign ( the majority of artists paid for features to get on there and still got not one label signing). There are MILLIONS of blogs out there from companies to personal that will support your music and actually look forward to your next email.

Okay…lets break down blog submission etiquette…

  • Learn what BCC means, NOTHING pisses off a blogger more than you sending an email with exposed email addresses. The reason why you should blind your emails is everyone that you send that email to can copy all of them and spam the hell out of us. So have respect and protect your contacts! We gave you our email for YOU to contact us…not share our email with the world to spam us!
  • Do NOT under any circumstances add our email to your fan list unless we subscribed. Bloggers HATE HATE HATE to see an email blast stating that we subscribed to your email blasts and we know we didnt. Not only do you send us your new music or videos but now your sending us crap that we didnt ask for like flyers to parties we won’t attend because we live thousands of miles away. But on top of that we know that your email was not directly for us…STOP!
  • Make sure your email has all content in order for us to feature you. For example, if this is your first time submitting to this blog, introduce yourself (or make sure your management or publicist does this) Send your bio, your contact information, and all of your social media links so we can follow, fan, and so forth. Sending us a link to your music with nothing else but a reply email will only get you deleted.
  • Send your blogger artwork for your single! You slow us down (and half the blogs will just delete your submission because they have no time to search for a photo of you especially if they never heard of you). You don’t need to hire a fancy graphic designer to create one. Look at Kanye West and the majority of his singles of Twisted Dark Fantasy where he just made the title and the people featured on the track.
Simple RIGHT?????
  • A huge pet peeve of bloggers that will get your submission deleted is sending us your music link from another blog. We do NOT care where you have been featured before, who cosigned you, and so forth. You’re basically telling us that we were the last to get your music. Every blog wants to build a relationship with the artist, so sending us where you have been featured before will get you nowhere. Send us your official MP3 and artwork.
  • Sending music is important on HOW you send it. Either upload your MP3, or send us a link where we can hear your actual music without downloading first. For example, there are sites like Hulkshare, Soundcloud, Zippyshare, Divshare and so forth. (even sending us an uploaded MP3 through your email will allow us to hear it before downloading). Don’t send us mediafire or other sites that make us download before we can hear it UNLESS we have already built a relationship with you where you’re giving us and exclusive to feature your music.
  • Have patience…Don’t expect for a blog that is featuring you FOR FREE to post your music in 2.5 seconds. Realize that 100% of bloggers who post free features have over 100 submissions a day. TripleHQ actually has 10 writers that go through submissions and actually listen to your music. So harassing an individual when it may not be their week on submissions is rude! I have many of you that alert me on your submissions when I don’t even do submissions (if I do that means people were busy). I handle more of new music, videos, and news as a journalist and a publicist. Create a relationship with a specific writer so you can get their direct email so you can make sure your feature goes up.
  • Be appreciative! If a blogger posts your submission…you better damn well retweet, repost, reblog and so forth!!!! I see many of you that beg in emails for a submission, but when we post say nothing as IF we were SUPPOSED to do so. We don’t owe you SHIT! We support your music because we think you’re dope, so support us by telling others to come to our site to see your feature. It amazes us how you will pay for specific blog feature and shout out these blogs out like they actually give a shit about you..when they only care about the paypal transaction. But you have actual people who listened to your music and support it and you won’t tell anyone. This will help you lose a blog relationship quick.
So the gist of it…make sure you BCC your email, send all of your contact information, artwork, and a MP3 that we can listen to without downloading first. Whether you believe it or not, the blogs are there for you! We support you! So if you don’t pay attention and learn how to send a correct email, please do NOT be mad when you get a feature.
Don’t let your followers boost your ego to the point where you think you cannot be humble. Remember that blogs are your first step in the industry. Record labels turn to the blogs (not social media because most of you buy fake followers, fans, mixtape views, and downloads). So if the blogs support you…you have a’re in the right direction.
Now..hopefully you read this…now go my young grasshoppas

Your Social Media Networking Ninja!

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