Boobie, thank you for taking the time to speak with us…

HHD:How long have you been rapping?

Boobie: I been rappin for about 10 years +

HHD: What part of Cali are you from and whats it like?

Boobie: I’m from Gardena the FreewayCity. It’s cool, it’s a small city with a lot of strip clubs and 2 casinos so its always a lot goin on in the Garr.

HHD: Who were your influences growing up?

Boobie: WestSide Connection.

HHD: With HipHop legends such as Pac,Dre,Cube,Ice T,Game and so on,how do you plan on keeping the west coast vibe going?

Boobie: Jus tellin my story, keepin it original, at the same time following the format of greatness. I gotta keep the listeners interested.

HHD: Being associated with a West Coast trailblazer such as Mack 10, do you feel pressure to achieve a certain level of success?

Boobie: Yes/No Mack10 raised me in the music industry and at the time he’s tired of the music. I’ve perfected my craft and feel comfortable enough to carry HooBangin on my back.

HHD: How did Mack pick you up?

Boobie:  Mack 10 always been like a big brother to me, he’s a close friend of the family.

HHD: What’s it like working with Mack 10 like?

Boobie: Working with Mack10 is cool, he’s a perfectionist. He might make me say 1 verse 20xs its crazy but I respect it.

HHD: Who are some of the people you have worked with?

Boobie:  I’ve worked with WestSide Connection, Glasses Malone, Red Cafe‘, to name a few.

HHD: Moving forward..who would you like to work with?

Boobie: I would like to work with whoever would like to work with me. I love music so I’m open to get money with everyone. Production wise Kanye and Pharrell are crazy. I would love to snap on one of their tracks.

HHD: Who are some of the people that inspire you to write?

Boobie:  2pac and Biggie

HHD: Tell us a little about your Family life coming up…

Boobie: Growing up was cool, my dad was a boxer and my mom started as a 911 operator and worked her way up. My parents always taught me to work hard and stay focused and here I am.

HHD: How have you been able to stay focused coming from the streets?

Boobie: Music saved my life. Period.

HHD: What advice would you give young people that are trying to follow the same path?

Boobie: Do it and do it right. Don’t take no shortcuts and don’t be afraid to spend money on good work, u gotta spend some money.

HHD: What do you think about the state of hip hop currently?

Boobie: HipHop is actually in a great place, its a lot of good music out right now. I’m just tryna get my spot.

HHD: Are you married?..(we have female readers also!)

Boobie:   Nah *laughs*

HHD: If we were to check your ipod…who would we find?

Boobie:  Pusha T, 2Chainz, School Boy Q, Big Sean, French Montana, and Kendrick Lamar jus to name a few.

HHD: What do you feel you bring to the game thats different?

Boobie: I bring my story, everybody gotta story and I’m anxious to tell my mine.

HHD: Tell us about your upcoming projects…

Boobie:  “Gunsta Rap” is my debut album with production from J Classic, C4, & Edubb. This is my first actual album I’m releasing digitally to itunes and I’m super excited about it. We released the first single “2012 Shiznit”ft. Glasses Malone and the second single “City Of Angels” ft. Mack10 that both got great responses. Other than those two features from the boss and my label mate, the rest of the project is all me.

HHD: When can we expect one to drop?

Boobie: 4/20

HHD: Who are some of the people on your upcoming project/s?

Boobie:  I didn’t do too many features I wanted to showcase my talent and let people get a good feel for me.

HHD: Where can our readers hear your stuff?

Boobie:  DaBoobieTrap.com

HHD: Do you have any plans for an East Coast trip?

Boobie: Yeah I’m always in the Midwest in Milwaukee and Chicago. Haven’t got to NY yet but definately this year.

HHD: Where can our readers follow you?

Boobie: On Twitter at @daBOOBIETRAP

HHD: Thanks for your time.

Boobie: Thanks a lot, much love.

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