Exclusive HHD Interview With JW HYPE

JW Hype "Return of the Hype Era (EP)"

Peace HHD Fam,

I was just listening to this new Wu-Tang track Drivin’ Round on the album Wu-Block w/ D-Block and Wu-Tang together. Anyways, the YouTube track just had like extended time past the song the was like a sneak in ad. I wasn’t even paying attention and this rap came on and I’m like I’m not listening to Kane, Chubb Rock or no classic rap from the late 80s. Anyways I look and its an ad for this MC named JW Hype. I clicked on his links and started zoning. His music had me feeling madd nostalgic and amp’d about the current state of Hip-Hop beyond the smoke and mirrors of the industry. I downloaded JW Hype’s EP “Return of The Hype Era” and reached out to him for an exclusive HHD Interview, which is posted below! JW Hype is truly bringing that flavor from the late 80s and early 90s back. So check our exclusive interview with JW Hype, download his free “Return of The Hype Era” EP, then go get your high top fade touched up, throw on that four finger ring and go eat a bag of homeboys potato chips! I know some of ya’ll probably still got some Cross Colors in your closet or basement too…now I didn’t say go that far…but If you do I ain’t mad at cha! And for those of ya’ll who are too new school, too futuristic, too gully or too tired of hearing about the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, do your uncles, aunties, pops, older cousins, brothers and sisters a favor and let them hear some JW Hype. Watch their reactions and see what they say. Take that trip down memory lane with them and heal the generational divide in our community!

Peace JW Hype,

HHD: Thank you for agreeing to have this interview with The Hip-Hop Diaries Magazine. For those who don’t know you or are not familiar with your music how would you describe your music?

My music is mainly a result of my obsession with the first Golden Era 1987-1990. The whole era of funk samples, breaks, swift lyrics, flat tops, gold ropes, black consciousness, new jack swing dancing, track suits, medallions, Sky Pagers….its like a Kane, Rakim, Juice Crew, Slick Rick, Do The Right Thing, Kwame, old Rap City, Kid N Play, EPMD, 3rd Bass, MC Lyte, Positive K, Nice n Smooth, Redhead Kingpin…..clusterfuck. LMAO. Its a smorgasboard of the era. A big montage. But musically its serious…like I really aim to make serious albums that could easily fit in your old school catalog on your Ipod. I want you to place my album next to your throwback Special Ed, BDP, Kane, Slick Rick, Kwame and not miss a bit. You can keep the same vibe going only difference is my album was made in 2012 as oppose 1988. But there is no difference in the soundscape. I approach the production seriously as far as making the beats.. Im not trying to half step- no pun intended.

HHD: Who are some of your favorite MCs of the past and current times?

Too many to name….modern day I’m a fan of Sean Price, Doom, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Jay-Z, Curren$y out of my city Chicago I like Pugz, Herma Puma, and Serengeti…..in the past Tribe, De La, Gangstarr, Beatnuts, Blacksheep, Jeru of course Wu….Golden Era wise…let me see.. again Jay-Z, hahaha Jaz-O, Kane, Rakim, Roxanne Shante, Masta Ace, G Rap, Nice N Smooth, Super Lover Cee, Grand Daddy IU, Antoinette…man its too many!

JW Hype In Effect

Dear Hip-Hop,
They think they know you, but they have absolutely no clue about you… but dont worry I’ll try my best to re-introduce you.
– JW Hype

HHD: What made you go from being a fan or just a Hip-Hop head to becoming an artist and do you feel now is the time for you to put your music out there?

Well…hip-hop is apart of my DNA so to speak so it really wasnt a conscious decision…thats the best way I can really put it..its who I am as an individual…I’m a culmination of many influences. YES! Its definitely time for my music…100%..and this is coming from people who have heard my album and connected with me afterwards, not really my own opinion….this is what THEY are telling me. I’m just here to deliver and get the desired result. Maybe its from years of hearing music that is so far removed from the essence of the artform, that when they actually hear music that is even remotely close its like eating a Thanksgiving meal after 5 years of Ramen Noodles and hot dogs everyday! hahahahah

HHD: Do you think it is important for MCs to embrace their role as teachers and leaders? Why?

I think leaders are born or bred. Either its in you or it’s not. Same with teachers. Most of tpdays rappers are followers. About 85% of them are completely lost. And they are leaders to a degree; leading themselves and the youth into the land of degenerates and destruction….

HHD: Complete this statement JW Hype will consider his music career a success when…

Quest Love hears my music and gives a great review…hahahaa…seriously…I really made this album thinking “I want Quest to tweet about my album”..hahaa. But my true aim though is to release great music, and use that music to change lives, travel the world, do shows and to grow about 30 to 50,000 die hard social media followers/fans who will support every Bandcamp release and go to my shows. That to me is success! Very doable and achievable goals…thats platinum in my eyes…making music, release it online, traveling, and doing shows. I think thats the new model for being a rapper in 2013… the old major/indie label way doesnt even make sense anymore especially if you are a niche type artist like myself. I feel blessed to be in the Internet/DIY era…To actually release music worldwide and make money without middlemen. I really look up to guys like Curren$y…business wise he is a genius, he really revolutionized the whole internet rapper business model. He releases music when he wants to, tours when he wants, he doesnt depend on a major label system yet he makes majors money. That to me is incredible. He cultivated this online following of fans that appreciate and support everything he does no matter what, and that to me is the best way to approach music.

HHD: What role should elders in the Hip-Hop community play?

They should definitely take a leadership role and be some type of voice of reason. Truthfully they should be calling out a lot of insanity in the rap world, but of course they take a passive role because they dont want to lose fans or potential business relationships so I can understand why one wouldnt step up, there is too much at risk.

HHD: What role should youth in the Hip-Hop community play?

Take the time to learn the culture and who came before you. And to perfect your craft whether it be dj’ing. emceeing, beat making, entertainment law, hip-hop journalism whatever you bring to the table, perfect it and be great. The internet has created too many premature professionals. People who start something one day and the next they are “professionals” at it. I mean you have this new phenomenon of rappers getting deals who literally started rapping not even a year prior…that to me is crazy. I don’t want a doctor performing surgery on me who did one year of med school. You get my point. Take your time and develop.

HHD: If there was one thing you could change in Hip-Hop what would it be?

The oversaturation….there are way too many rappers these days.

HHD: What has been one of the most memorable reactions a person has had to your music?

I recently had a high school teacher from Canada request in written form the lyrics to my song “Get It Together” to use in his classroom lecture and after he was done, I received emails on Facebook from his students thanking me, which I thought was one of the greatest things ever. Also I receive emails and thank you letters attached to paypal payments from Bandcamp. Its crazy! People are literally thanking me for doing this album……its cool and lets me know I’m on the right path…I mean people all over the world have been paying for my album which to me is amazing. I’m pretty sure a part of their reaction to my music is based on the fact that rap has been pure crap for so so long and its a relief to hear anything that doesnt sound like keyboard crapola!

HHD: To all your fans out there…What can they do to help support your music, movement the best of this culture and art form?

Just spread the music and enjoy it…thats what its for….have fun with it, dance to it, educate your friend as to what it is! Tell as many people as possible about my album! Hit that share button on Facebook! hahaha..the album is at www.jwhypemusic.info or www.jwhype.bandcamp.com

HHD: What can we expect to see from JW Hype in 2013?

I have a new EP dropping next month and I will probably keep dropping new EPs and LPs every 4-5 months. Videos, shows, content, and more albums…..keeping the formula the same no changing up….Im not looking to get signed to a label so you wont hear me trying to “progress” or become “industry ready”. What you hear is what you’ll keep getting. Im happy with Bandcamp, Itunes, and growing fans on my own through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube…100% internet rapper steeze hahaha I love it…actually I cant sign to a label…I sample way too much…it would cost a label hundreds of thousands to clear all of these samples. And I will never STOP SAMPLING! MPC 2000 and dusty records for LIFE!!! But if some indie label has the balls to assume the risk hey go for it.

HHD: Lastly, since this is The Hip-Hop Diaries Magazine complete the following statement..

Dear Hip-Hop,

They think they know you, but they have absolutely no clue about you…

but dont worry I’ll try my best to re-introduce you.

HHD: Thanks for your time and devotion to Hip-Hop and for allowing us to have this interview. Please give a shout out to whoever and let us know where we can follow you and your music…

Shout out to all the pioneers who influenced me. Shout out to all the people who supported my album…especially all of those who shelled out money for I really appreciate that! NEW ALBUM COMING JANUARY 2013!

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