“Power to The People” Vinnie Paz Live From The Serengeti

Peace HHD,

I had to share this track, “You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train” from Vinnie Paz, especially as our country celebrates Thanksgiving Day. This track is off Vinnie Paz’s  latest album that recently dropped, entitled, “God of The Serengeti.” This track tells an important Thanksgiving Day tale that needs to be heard, respected and not forgotten. In this track Paz tells the story of Christopher Columbus and the early encounters between the Arawaks of the Caribbean Islands and Columbus’ men. The history continues to unfold as Paz matter-of-factly takes listeners down the lesser trodden memory lanes of History. Paz connects the extermination of Native Peoples to the rise of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, oppression of Mexicans, repression of communists and feminists, conscientious objectors to World War I and other historical realities. As Paz explains in the track’s outro, “This is the story about the lies that your teacher told you…” I am so appreciative that I have always had Hip-Hop to teach me, guide me towards the truth and balance out the lies we are taught and truths that are omitted from “They Schools“. This is one of those tracks that will undeniably totally awaken many young and elders alike people to the West’s unresolved history of oppression, inhumanity, unbridled capitalistic exploitation, and bellicose temperament.

First of all, if you don’t know Vinnie Paz you need to grab this album and do your research on this MC from Philadelphia, member of Jedi Mind Tricks and founder of Enemy Soil records. Vinnie Paz’s lyrical style is influenced by his Islamic faith, his upbringing in the streets of Philadelphia and the legendary history of MCing.Vinnie Paz definitely has a vivid, complex and contemporary American story. An Italian, working class Philadelphian Muslim well versed about the streets, politics, race, economics, history and religion. Vinnie is continuing to represent for the hearty soul food style Hip-Hop that nourishes the mind, body and soul as opposed to the mass produced, high in saturated fat, corn syrup, artificially flavoring and color, fast food style Hip-Hop.

Vinnie Paz definitely makes “grown man” music that drops knowledge without sounding preachy while also maintaining balance between between the streets and the sacred. Vinnie Paz’s God of The Serengeti album has contributions from Hip-Hop heavyweight hitters like, DJ Premiere, Kool G Rap, Scarface, Mobb Deep, Immortal Technique, Tragedy Khadafi and many others.

Above you will find a crazy collaboration with DJ Premiere called “Cheesesteaks” which is also on God of The Serengeti. This video has incredible archival footage of Philadelphia sports legends, iconic city landmarks, and an MC embracing his city’s foundational role in the world-wide Hip-Hop movement. Hopefully this video and the track above will give you a better sense of Vinnie Paz’s talent and his commitment to the fifth element of Hip-Hop, Knowledge of Self. Unlike many of the commercial artists with so-called mass appeal, Vinnie Paz, is representing the educational, empowering, artistic and cathartic dimensions of Hip-Hop that are often times overlooked by the corporate boardrooms that seek to define, profiteer and control Hip-Hop. But that can’t happen because Hip-Hop is from the streets and people who know, know what authentic Hip-Hop is, they don’t need no gimmicky marketing scheme, soundscans, followers or likes to validate what they know because they have lived it and are living it, before and after the cameras fade. Alright HHD fam I’ll be back with some more joints for you so stay tuned!



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