Freddie Gibbs – #BFK Official Music Video

Peace HHD,

Many inside and outside the Hip Hop community don’t understand or know how to interpret many of the harder Hip Hop artists and lyrics. The reality is that Hip Hop is all about cultural expression and what manifests is artistic expression from parts of our society that do not have much of a voice in popular media. The fact of the matter is that people are facing serious challenges to make ends meet; faced with limited access to quality education, few opportunities for legitimate employment, live drug markets, resulting in violence, prison sentences and burdened home environments. Many times this hardcore street culture is exploited to add authenticity, street credibility and record sales for an artist and as a result many in the Hip Hop world begin to discredit these important Hip Hop voices that come from the streets.

With that being said, Freddie Gibbs of Gary, Indiana, the infamous rust belt city and birthplace of Michael Jackson, has entered the Hip Hop world with vivid lyrics about the mindset, lifestyle, dreams and obstacles facing young people growing up in his community. For many of us living in our comfortable homes, apartments or dorm rooms, the realities of the streets are something we can pretty easily avoid as we legally pursue our dreams.  However, as we climb, we cannot forget, devalue or neglect the poetical voices from the pavement. The brother Freddie Gibbs, is definitely representing for his hood and he is also telling the story of a survivor, a man who has been able to survive in the streets, learn its lessons, experience its successes, and failures and yet still yearn for more. Unfortunately, many inside Hip Hop and outside of Hip Hop won’t interpret his work through the same lens. However, the city of Gary and the young people there, know just how important Freddie Gibbs’ art is to them and their experience. Just pause all the judging and take a ride with Freddie Gibbs, the Baby Face Killer. Click the link below to get Freddie Gibbs new album. If you are feeling this track and want to hear more from Freddie Gibbs, post a comment and let us know!



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